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Rapid R100 Electric Stapler (50 Sheets)


Model: J0173051
Shipping Weight: 3.8kgs
An electric desktop stapler which is specially designed for when frequent stapling is required. The front loading 100E has an adjustable punch force and staple depth.

The R100E is the natural choice where stapling is very frequent.

Rapid R100 features:
  • Protection visor which cuts the power when lifted
  • Insert stapler can be replaced
  • Equipped with suction feet
  • Capacity: 50 sheets
  • Staples Required: Rapid 66/6-8mm & 44/6-8mm
Stapling 50 Sheets Electric 66/6-8 & 44/6-8 Stapling Depth: 93 mm

This product was last updated on Thursday 30 April, 2015.

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