Novus B54/3 Heavy Duty Stapler (170 Sheets)

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Model: N-023-0038
Shipping Weight: 3.5kgs

The large high-performance heavy duty lever stapler for parallel and bypass stapling with an extra long throat depth of up to 25 cm accepts 100 staples 23/8 to 23/20 super, Super 15, Super 20 or Super 24 and staples up to 170 sheets of 80 gsm standard paper.

The Novus B54/3 is equipped with the practical press button front loading system for quick and easy reloading of staples, a bothway adjustable paper stop and an advantageous leverage for easier stapling of stacks. The spring-mounted magazine and the double staple guide guarantee precise stapling and avoid time-consuming jammings. Its special feature is the adjustable anvil enabling parallel stapling, stapling in folds as well as the bypass stapling which permits to staple even thinner paper stacks with staples of long leg length whereby the staple legs are bent out of the longitudinal axis.

Novus B54/3 Heavy Duty Features:
Staples 50-170 sheets Bypass and Parallel Stapler Staples: 23/8-20mm or 9/8-20 Stapling Depth: 250 mm
The throat depth up to 25 cm Bypass system: Staple ends are inversely bent away from each other. Advantage: Staples with long legs can also be used to staple thin stacks of paper

This product was last updated on Friday 03 June, 2022.