Novus B430 Heavy Duty 4 Hole Punch (30 Sheets)


Model: AC025-0470
Shipping Weight: 3.3kgs
The most user-friendly variable hole punch on the market provides for easy punching in a variety of hole widths. The punching dies can be easily taken out and put back in by means of their patented spring mechanism.

The whole adjusting unit can be easily removed allowing for simple adjustment of the paper to the required size. After the small sliding plates have been adjusted to the punch format the adjusting unit can be put back in. The punching dies can then be positioned to match the position of the small sliding plates adjusted before.

You can now perforate all further sheets according to your very own punch configuration. There really is no easier way to do it! Use this patented technology by NOVUS today!

Punches 30 sheets Variable Punch Distance 6mm Diameter Punch Guide

This product was last updated on Monday 31 December, 2018.