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Rapid 53/8 Staples (Pkt 2500)


Model: AC11857025
Shipping Weight: 0.3kgs

8mm Rapid 53/8 staples, suitable for the following models:

  • Rapid: ALU753, Compecta, ESN530, HobbyElectric, HobbyTacker, Hobbytacker Dual, Lithion tacker, MS4,1m MS610, MS583, PS6-16, R53, R153, R253, R353, R453, R553
  • Esco: Esco 10, Esco 20, Esco 30, Esco 40, Esco 50, Eso 90, Derby 530, Compacta, ET 53031, Esco 100
  • Rocafix: MS05, MS10, MS30V, MS40V, MS100, MS110, MS500B, ES230
  • Arrow: JT21, T27
  • Novus: J-01, J-02, J-08, J-09, J-16, J-19, J-102, J-105, J-165, J-214, J-318
  • Stanley: ST10, ST14

Dimensions: Crown 11.4mm / Leg 8mm

This product was last updated on Tuesday 06 July, 2021.