Novus NT/10 Super-Hard Type B (Pkt 5000)


Model: 042-0524
Shipping Weight: 0.3kgs
Flat wire staples 10mm depth.

Ideal for fastening:
  • Films
  • Aluminium laminations
  • Paper and board
  • Waxed and oiled paper
  • Labels
Suitable for the following Novus models (please confirm maximum length for your model):

and the following staplers: Mekamp H-100, KWB P14N, Lux Multitacker, Profitacker, Swingline Tackermatic, Tacker 813, Tacker 181, ESCO 58, 58N, Rocagraf ROC 36. Roc 66, Roc 202, Roc 320, Skrebba skre-tac 10, Bostich TGD, TGA, Rocafix MS10

This product was last updated on Tuesday 30 October, 2018.