Novus Staples 26/6 (Pkt 5000)


Model: NOVUS-26-6-5000
Shipping Weight: 0.17kgs
Novus 6mm staples, suitable for Novus Harmony B17 Long Arm Stapler and Novus Harmony B7A Stapler.

Why Brand staples?
Quite simple! Every chain is as strong as its weakest link. With staplers, this is often the staple itself! Only brand staples continually meet the high quality demands for a perfect stapling result!

The quoted stapling capacity of staplers can only be reached by use of high-quality staples. For example a NOVUS B4 FC can, as stated, staple 50 sheets (80 gsm paper) only using the NOVUS 24/8 Super staple.

Brand staples ensure:
  • Absolute accuracy for a smooth run of staples in the stapler's magazine
  • Correct glueing for the breaking strength of the staple strip and easy separation during the stapling process
  • Sufficient wire strength for perfect piercing of the paper
If only one of the above criteria is not met the staplers may not work properly. Due to precision production and the use of high-quality materials the production of high quality staples requires a great deal of expertise which Novus has acquired over decades of staple production.

Important advice: Please bear in mind that the guarantee on NOVUS staplers is only applicable when using NOVUS staples.

This product was last updated on Wednesday 28 November, 2018.