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Rapid 106E Electric Stapler (50 Sheets)


Model: AC0174879
Shipping Weight: 6.25kgs
Capable of flat, saddle and loop (accessory required) stapling. Two or more units can be connected with optic cable for simultaneous stapling. 50 sheet capacity based on 80gsm paper. Produced for workplaces where sheets and brochures are to be stapled.

The Rapid 106E is two staplers in one. It offers the same functions as the 105E but thanks to its easily interchangeable insert, it is capable of doing both flat/saddle and loop stapling.

Rapid 106 Features:
  • Protection visor
  • Work table (included)
  • Staples Required: Rapid 66/6-8
Stapling 80 Sheets Rapid 66/6-8 Stapling Depth: 102 mm

Download the Rapid 105E/106E Brochure

This product was last updated on Sunday 12 May, 2019.

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