DigiBOPP XT 315mm x 300m Matt 35 Micron 25 Core


Model: LAMX02
Shipping Weight: 3.5kgs

A Cellosheen or Celloglaze (BOPP Film) is a thin film that is laid down on the inside of the print to provide protection to the document. Available in Matt or Gloss in a variety of widths. This type of film can be trimmed neat on the edge and must be used with a Roll Laminator that has internally heated rollers.

With enhanced adhesive properties DigiBOPP film is designed specifically to stick to digital print. The non-solvent based adhesive protects the print from colour changing with no bubble, wrinkle or delamination. Recommended for single sided or double sided application.

Note: This product is not suitable for use with pouch laminators

This product was last updated on Saturday 27 April, 2024.