F-800 800mm Width Punching Machine

Model: F-800
Shipping Weight: 1000kgs
With the longest binding length on the market, the F-800 series satisfies even the most unusual requirements. Due to its incredible punching power, it is possible to punch thick cardboard and even aluminium (with the appropriate lubricant). With the F-800 the operator simply has to insert the block of sheets under the carter and press on the foot switch to punch it. The F-800 makes punching easy, the operator simply inserts the paper under the carter and presses the foot pedal.

F-800 Features:
  • Maximum Punching length: 800 mm
  • Maximum Punching thickness depending on the size of the item to bind:
     800 mm length = 2.5 mm
     600 mm length = 4 mm
     400 mm length = 5 mm
  • Edge profile to hole adjustable from 2 mm. up to 6 mm (depending on tool being used)
  • Foot operated
  • Set up for 300 mm. and 200 mm punching bars, alone, coupled or in combination with 200 mm thumb-cut punching bars, giving a maximum length of8000 mm in the same pitch
  • Maximum output: up to 1000 punchings/hour, depending on materials used and skills of operator
  • Wide range of punching tools available for double wire bind and other mechanical binds
F-800 Technical Specifications:
  • Power supply: 400 V 3-phase 50-60 Hz
  • Size: 1100 x800 x1200 mm
  • Weight: 185 kg

This product was last updated on Saturday 23 March, 2024.