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WireBinder Comb and Wire Binding Machine


Shipping Weight: 25.5kgs

This combination of 3:1 and 21 Loop Plastic Comb binding will allow you to create professional looking booklets and documents. There is a closer for wire, and a comb opener finishing off your documents. This machine has an all metal construction for excellent longevity.

WireBinder Comb and Wire Binder Features:
  • Combination 3:1 and 21 Loop Plastic Comb Binder
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Punch up to 20 sheets of paper at once
  • Punch 2 covers (plastic + backing) at once
  • 355mm width punching capacity with open sides for even wider documents
  • All pins can be independently disengaged, to allow the punching of any size document
  • Compatible with Bound to Impress 3:1 plastic spirals for a robust binding technique that can bind documents up to 45mm thick
  • Compatible with Bound to Impress plastic combs for a binding that can bind documents up to 51mm thick
  • Wire Closing capacity: from 3/16" to 9/16" (4.8mm to 14.3mm)
  • One year warranty
3:1 Pitch
3 holes per inch
34 loops per A4 sheet
Comb binding
20 or 21 holes per A4 sheet

This product was last updated on Friday 13 August, 2021.