Finish@Coil Electric Roller Inserter


Model: FCE1
Shipping Weight: 7.75kgs

This electric inserter is great to roll on plastic spiral coils from 6mm to 50mm thick with ease. Start by twiddling a few loops on to your document and let this machine do the rest!

Once the spiral coil is fully wound on, you simply need to close. You can do this manually with pliers, or for large jobs consider a closing machine, or even a machine that combines both closing and rolling in one.

Finish@Coil Features:
  • Built-in book thickness gauge
  • Alignment channel to form the correct profile for easier initial insertion of coil.
  • Quality rubberised main roller with adjustable idle roller for easier insertion of coils, especially larger coils.
  • Foot pedal operated.
Finish@Coil Features:
  • Pitch: Can be used for all Spiral Pitches 6mm/4:1/3:1
  • Coil Diameter : 6 to 50mm
  • Inserting Method : Rubberised Roller
  • Cycle Speed: 1000 rpm
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This product was last updated on Monday 13 May, 2024.