8mm A4 Plastic Spiral 3:1 (34 Loops) Lengths (Box 100)


Model: 08--A43:1100
Shipping Weight: 0.6kgs

Suitable for books up to 45 sheets of 80gsm paper.

The standard 3 holes per inch (3:1) is the pitch used for wire binding. You can now use the same punching machine and holes but use our specially made 3:1 plastic spirals instead of wire.

With 3:1 wire binding you are limited 14mm thickness before requiring a larger punched hole. But with our 3:1 plastic spirals you can now bind up to 45mm, extending the function of your current equipment. Ideal for situations where you have punched a book that is thicker than 14mm as you can now use plastic spirals rather than having to reprint.

We manufacture our plastic spirals on site 24 hours a day from high grade plastic pellets to ensure we produce the very highest quality.
3:1 Pitch
3 holes per inch
34 loops per A4 sheet

This product was last updated on Thursday 05 May, 2022.