A4 3:1 Plastic Spiral Multipack Large - BLACK (Box 50)


Shipping Weight: 1.3kgs

An excellent starter pack for those new to using 3:1 (34 loop) spiral with their existing wire binding punching machine.

3:1 Plastic Spiral Multipack includes:
  • 20 x 25mm (approx 175 sheets)
  • 20 x 35mm (approx 280 sheets)
  • 10 x 45mm (approx 390 sheets)
  • Total 50 pieces

The standard 3 holes per inch (3:1) is the pitch used for wire binding. You can now use the same punching machine and holes but use our specially made 3:1 plastic spirals instead of wire.

With 3:1 wire binding you are limited 14mm thickness before requiring a larger punched hole. But with our 3:1 plastic spirals you can now bind up to 50mm, extending the function of your current equipment. Ideal for situations where you have punched a book that is thicker than 14mm as you can now use plastic spirals rather than having to reprint.

We manufacture our plastic spirals on site 24 hours a day from high grade plastic pellets to ensure we produce the very highest quality.

3:1 Pitch
3 holes per inch
34 loops per A4 sheet
Note: Using the 35mm and larger spirals can be quite difficult and time consuming to roll on, so we recommend splitting your book if at all possible.

This product was last updated on Sunday 28 April, 2024.