Miruna Stitching Wire Round 0.70mm (3.5kg)


Model: SW-M70R3.5
Shipping Weight: 3.9kgs

Used for saddle stitching, stitching wire is a common binding technique. Used by magazines, newspapers, catalogues this approach is encountered often. The saddle stitching method involves, spreading the pages at the center, and hanging on a saddle to be stitched through the fold line at the spine. Ideal for projects with no more than 60 to 80 pages, this is the simplest and most economical way to bind.

Saddle stitching machines are produced by many manufacturers, including Horizon, Bourg, Duplo, Bostitch, Vickers, Polygraph, Brehmer, Hohner, Muller Martini etc.

Sold in spools of 3.5kg.

This product was last updated on Wednesday 14 November, 2018.