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A2 Laminating Pouches

We sell a variety of laminating pouches ranging in size from A2 to A6. We also sell laminating rolls, laminators and offer a laminating service.

Microns: A micron (or Mic) is the term used to measure the thickness of the lamination sheet. The higher the micron the thicker the sheet, and so the more rigid the finish when laminated. We sell pouches from 80 to 250 Mic. Choose the one that best suits your needs, all of our pouches are premium quality. How do I choose the right the right laminating pouch micron? We recommend the following:
  • 80 micron - where handling is minimal and moderate flexibility is acceptable, often used when documents are to be filed or protected by a folder.
  • 100-150 Micron - where handling is intensive and documents need to stand up to daily use. Examples are sales materials, signs, posters, menus, calendars, membership cards, luggage tags, ID tags, photographs etc.
  • 175-250 micron - when a rigid format is needed. Examples are display signs, placemats, or heavy duty uses, always check your laminating machine to ensure it can handle this thickness.
Note: If you have a large order quantity or have special laminating requirements please place an order to request a quote or use our Contact Form.
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A2 Laminating Pouches - Gloss - 125 mic Premium (Pkt 100)

A2 Laminating Pouches - Gloss - 125 mic Premium (Pkt 100)

Premium laminating pouches designed for the home and office user. A2 Laminating Pouch Specifications Size: A2 (426mm x 604mm) Finish: Gloss...