Paper Drills

Unlike hole punching, where only one or a few sheets of paper may be punched at a time, a large number of sheets can be prepared with a paper drill or paper-drilling machine. Paper drilling is typically done for providing large quantities of paper with round holes. In most uses, the drilled paper is then inserted into a ring binder. The drilled holes also serve for storage purposes, such as filing, or occasionally ofr decorative purposes.

Paper drilling machines require very little maintenance and can greatly increase paper-processing speed in any office. Most paper drill models are easy to use and operate with little noise. Paper drills are ideal for schools, engineering firms, law firms, courthouses, large businesses, and many other environments. Paper drilling machines are often found in commercial print shops with a finishing department, trade binderies, in-house print shops and copy shops. High-performance paper drills can run in line with other finishing equipment.

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Product Image

Uchida VS25 Electric Paper Drill (50mm)

Uchida VS25 Electric Paper Drill (50mm)

Easy to use electric punches with 6 different preset spacing options. 6-35mm adjustable margin. Features a paper clamp that automatically secures...