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A4 Laminating Pouches - 80Mic (Pkt 100)
Model: LSPOA480
Weight: 1.5kgs
Date Added: Saturday 08 August, 2009
These A4 Gloss Laminating Pouches offer a premium quality at a budget price. The laminating pouch is compatible with all hot roll pouch laminators more info
$12.87  $12.21
Save: 5% off
A4 Sticky Back Laminating Pouches 100 Mic (Pkt 100)
Model: LSPOA4100SB
Weight: 2.2kgs
Date Added: Tuesday 01 July, 2008
Designed for applying signs and notices to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Simply laminate your item then peel off the paper back to expose the more info
CombMac 240M Plastic Comb Binding Machine
Model: COMBMAC-240M
Weight: 18.65kgs
Date Added: Saturday 15 September, 2012
This heavy duty comb binder is highly recommended. With a very solid build, this metal comb binder will make a welcome addition to your office. This more info
Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binder
Model: F5641401
Weight: 4kgs
Date Added: Thursday 14 July, 2011
User-friendly thermal binding machine for medium duty projects or desktop use. The Fellowes Helios 30 thermal binder allows multiple documents to be more info
$319.77  $287.76
Save: 10% off
Hang-A-Plan General A1 Trolley Package with 10 Plan Clamps
Model: ARD008
Weight: 0kgs
Date Added: Monday 20 February, 2012
Combine and save with this special Hang a Plan offer. Package includes: 1 x A1 General Trolley and 10 x A1 General Binders. A lower priced Front more info
$725.89  $653.40
Save: 10% off

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Ledah 6 Hole Electric Pencil Sharpener
Model: H-100852120
Weight: 2.25kgs
Date Added: Tuesday 22 February, 2011
Heavy duty electric pencil sharpener designed for the toughest jobs. Ledah six hole electric pencil sharpener features: Great value electric more info
$251.24  $226.05
Save: 10% off
Rapid 90EC Electric Stapler (30 Sheets)
Model: AC20942950
Weight: 2.5kgs
Date Added: Sunday 07 March, 2010
Staples up to 30 sheets using 66/7 staples. The adjustable stapling depth ensures perfect stapling every time. It is front loaded and extremely fast more info
$918.94  $765.82
Save: 17% off
Versatile 3 in 1 Punch - Round Corner - Single Hole - Slot Punch
Weight: 0.8kgs
Date Added: Wednesday 26 August, 2009
This Versatile 3 in 1 hole punch is three devices in one, with a corner cutter, slot punch and regular hole punch. The Versatile 3in1 has a sturdy more info
$59.84  $53.90
Save: 10% off
Wiremac 3 Wire Binding Machine
Weight: 17.3kgs
Date Added: Sunday 18 May, 2008
The WireBinder 3 is a hard wearing and efficient wire binding machine. The efficiency of two handles make this wire binding machine a popular choice more info
$727.21  $654.50
Save: 10% off
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 featured products)